I'm happy you reached my audioworks site - after all, as with all art, the point of making music is to share it (at least in my opinion).
So please turn your speakers on (or better yet, put your headphones on).
The music that you already hear playing is from my latest project, if you'd like to find out more please scroll down. Hope you enjoy!
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about goss

Being a music-lover for as long as I can remember, it wasn't long until I picked up a guitar and thereafter anything with music-creation potential and started experimenting. Although I always appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed the visual arts - which lead to me becoming a professional graphic designer - it was the unique immaterial and therefore "mystical" quality of music that captivated & touched my soul.

While playing guitar & electric bass guitar in various psychedelic, rock, blues, fusion bands in my adolescent years, I gradually outgrew the notion that "good" music can fall into specific categories or genres. Freedom (as free as sound is) to mix and match, to experiment, in order to communicate emotions and "explore" the world & the human psyche seems imperative to me. Fortunately the digital era was just around the corner at the time, bringing with it all necessary tools, further inspiration and rejuvenation of the music-creation process.

After briefly being a member of the Greek trip-hop band "Freedom of speech" and contributing to the band's first CD release - I currently work on various projects, both personal as well as in collaboration with fellow musicians & artists, including music production for short films (documentary & fiction) and sound design for theatrical plays or performances.

My home-base is in Athens (Greece) and I'm always eager to participate in music/audio related endeavors and collaborations, especially those of an experimental nature. So if you find some of the music here interesting or appropriate for some creative idea or project don't hesitate to contact me below.

sample list

Most of the music I produce doesn't fall into specific categories or genres, and even when it does those will differ substantially from project to project, ranging from post rock to electronic or purely experimental sound-scapes.

So this play list contains pieces from various projects and of different musical forms, in hope of providing a handy tool for you to quickly scan through pinpointing albums or projects that might interest you the most and afterwards locating them in the "projects" section below.

tracks & projects

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Roll the Dice
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Never let me down
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The Contract...
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Projections excerpt 4.5
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Roses like angels...
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Songs of innocence...
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  • music theme

    Exhibition & audio-visual presentation.

    2014May 19


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    Supernova album Review
    Posted on: Sep 3, 2021

    A very much appreciated and cherished review of the "Supernova" album by Timothy Buss...


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